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50% Off

One Time Uber Account Setup

Step 1

Click Here and login

Note: If it asks to set city name, you will be driving/taking trips (just enter the city name Eg. Buffalo NY.) If it asks for document or anything to change or upload. Close this page.

Step 2

Click Here and change your Country to Maldives

Note: You can ignore everything else on the page except changing the Coutnry

Step 3

Confirm that you have changed your promo to $10 by going to “Free Rides” section of your uber app. Once this is confirmed your ready to order!

Terms Of Service

– You are purchasing a $10 Uber credit for $5.

– You MUST follow the one time uber setup before purchasing or you will simply get a $5 credit for $5

– The credit is good for 90 days once added.

– You can purchase up to 5 a day.

– You MUST have taken a fully paid uber ride in the past.

Xenon Uber Current Status

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